You Can Make A Difference!

By:  Mary Rae Hunter

As many of you know, in my former life I was an elementary school teacher in both the Durham and Chapel Hill Public School Systems.  As an elementary school educator, I was constantly trying to figure out ways to get valuable resources directed towards my classroom. Each month, I would spend a great deal of my  personal paycheck to provide the children with materials and experiences that would last a lifetime.  It was very difficult on the small school budget that I was provided to supply the resources needed so as to create an exciting, challenging, and inspiring classroom for eager, bright, young minds.

That is why I got so excited about providing books for the Durham Public School (DPS) children in the BookMark program.  At UDR, we were able to provide hundreds of books to children in the DPS System.  We now have another opportunity to help get resources to one of the Durham Public High Schools.  Jordan High School is participating in a competition to win a $50,000 grant from Pepsi.  Project Refresh Jordan (PRJ) is a collaborative fundraising effort of students, teachers, parents, alumni and staff working to improve the learning environment at C. E. Jordan High School (JHS).  Since Augst 2010, they have raised over $6,000 through direct donations and sales of PRJ rubber bracelets.

If they are successful at receiving this substantial Pepsi grant, they will be able to provide the school with the following: $11,000 for 20 Science Tablets, $24,000 for 67 12X4 White Boards, $13,000 for 100 student desks, and $2,000 for labor and installation of the materials

The application has now been successfully submitted!  Everyone in the Durham County Community needs to “VOTE” everyday to get this grant awarded to JHS.  Voting will run from December 1st through December 31st.  The instructions for voting will be easily accessible on the following facebook page.  Instructions will soon follow…..

Everyone please support this cause and get online to vote!  This is a terrific opportunity for our community’s teachers and young students at Jordan High School.

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