Why a chicken?

Today we are interviewing Courtney James, Broker-in-Charge of Urban Durham Realty:

Susan Herst: Hi Courtney, word on the street, and around the barnyard, is that UDR is letting the chickens out of the coop. What is this all about?

Courtney James: Yes, this week we are launching “The Great Urban Durham Chicken Chase.” Keep an eye out for the signature UDR chicken which, you may have noticed, appears on our UDR client designer tees.

SH: So how does the Chase work?

CJ: Each Urban Durham Realty listing will have a ceramic chicken hidden somewhere in the house.  When the house is shown to a prospective buyer, the buyer or their agent can win a prize for finding the chicken. They simply take a picture of the UDR Chicken with their cell phone camera and send it to FoundIt@urbandurham.com.

SH: Sounds like fun. Does this reinforce UDR’s “Urban Lifestyle” values in some way?

CJ: Absolutely. For one thing it highlights UDR’s commitment to supporting local businesses. The chickens themselves were designed and made by Charlie Dillingham of Durham’s Claymakers. In addition, the prizes that we give to brokers and their clients, who often are new to the area, are products of local businesses. For example, through the end of the year, the reward comes in the form of a petit pie from Scratch, Seasonal Artisan Baking.

SH: Cool. Sounds like this might also be a way of “spicing up” a day of showing houses to clients interested in moving to Durham?

CJ: That is true. An underlying goal of the Chase is to add a fun aspect to house hunting and make UDR’s listings stand out. For the buyer, this unique and amusing challenge adds an element of the unexpected into the home viewing experience.  Rising to the challenge of the hunt also bonds the broker and client and distinguishes our listings making them more memorable as “the one with the Chicken Chase.”

SH: Last question; why a chicken?

CJ: Several people have asked why we chose a chicken to be at the center of the promotion.  We feel that the chicken has become a symbol not only of sustainability, but also for a new urbanism – and we are ardent supporters of both.

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