Urban Durham Hosts “Local Vocal” – Only 3 Tickets Left, Y’all!

by Jodi Koviach           

On Thursday, October 22nd Urban Durham Realty will host our 4th annual “Local Vocal” as part of the Meals from the Market fundraiser for Durham Central Park.  We have been lucky to be a Central Park neighbor at our location on Foster Street for six years now.  This year’s line-up of acapella groups includes Rhythm and Blue from Duke University, Wolfgang with NC State and the well-known Triangle women’s group Stella.  Tasty tapas dishes and yummy desserts will be prepared by our Foster Street neighbor Piedmont restaurant.   There are only 3 tickets remaining for this event which takes place in 2 days!  We can’t wait to share great music and food with our friends in support of Durham Central Park.


Check out Stella on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Stella-248795604394/#_=_


Check out Durham Central Park Meals from the Market and buy tickets at:  http://durhamcentralpark.org/events/meals-from-the-market/


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