This Spring Brings Spirited Events to Durham!

By Luci Pestana

In my usual vein of highlighting the “real” in real estate, I’d like to announce some truly inspired and festive events that have caught our attention.  We’re very excited to be participating, and want to spread the word about these worthy causes in our own backyards!

APRIL 16, 2010: UDR has signed on to sponsor the first annual Bull City Blowout.  This will be a raucous, public field day event for creative Durham agencies.  Participants will compete and connect while raising money for SeeSaw Studios, a free after-school enrichment program for teens ready to develop and hone their creative design skills. We don’t want to give away the juicy details, but lets just say we “own” what promises to be a perfectly juvenile and attention-grabbing piece of the pie, and it may just involve some distinguished members of the Durham community doing their best Jimi Hendrix impression…

EARLY MAY, 2010:  We’ve become involved with Durham Public Schools’ BookMark! initiative, which seeks to place books in the hands of elementary students in our district.  Though it seems like a basic need, many students find themselves at a loss for good quality reading sources at home, especially during the summer. DPS has reached out to the community in an effort to make these resources available to all kids.  Our office is a drop-off site for the project, but we’re also in planning mode to hold an event sponsoring this great cause.  In early May we’ll have a soiree that brings some of our favorite local vendors to Foster Street, in honor of BookMark. We’d like to collect an absolute ton of books, while sharing some culinary and musical treats with our neighbors.  The date and time are TBA, but this will be a fun event, with lots of promise for elementary students in our area.  All are invited, so stay tuned for details!

MAY 29, 2010: Without a doubt, the most foolish of all our upcoming endeavors is the Doughman race!  Here’s where we’re pretty sure we’ve lost sight of our limits.  This is an (in)famous quadrathlon, which combines competitive eating and a triathlon. Yes, although it’s my first time, I have to assume it’s a tummy-churning event!  It does, however, have it’s perks.  Local restaurants that have demonstrated their commitment to the slow (and delicious) foods movement provide the grub, and then we swim, bike, and run our pants off.  Actually, we’re holding highly confidential meetings to plan wardrobe, but I’m fairly certain we’ll be more creative than plain old pants!  Regardless, all this scarfing and sweating is for a great cause: they’re supporting the Durham Inner-city Gardener’s program at SEEDS, as well as SeeSaw Studios (sound familiar?) SEEDS is an awesome youth leadership program that very literally digs in to provide education on environmental and social sustainability. The DIG branch of the program empowers motivated teens, who receive a stipend for cultivating and selling the fruits of their labor.  Even if you had the sense not to sign up for this event yourself, maybe you’d like to show up proudly sporting your UDR t-shirt and cheer us on?

Visit Bull City Blowout – Arts Fundraiser – Durham, North Carolina for event details, and please come out to support the teams that will swallow their pride  to spread the entrepreneurial spirit!

To read more about DPS’ BookMark initiative, or to get involved, visit Leave Your Mark—BookMark! — Durham Public Schools

For more info on the Doughman, see Eat, Bike, Run, Swim, and Make Durham Greener! | DOUGHMAN Also, check out the SEEDS program: home page

We can’t wait for these excuses to let our inner elementary-schoolers out to play! Hopefully we’ll be seeing many of you at one or all of these events.  For sure, though, we can all be proud that Durham makes it so enticing do a good thing.

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