The State Fair is here!

If you haven’t already been to the NC State Fair,  here is a great way to get there and help keep our air clean!    Durham Area Transit Authority will provide bus transporation to the State Fair everyday from 10am to 10 pm, except on Sunday (only until 7pm).  The cost for the ride is $2 round trip, with youth under 12 and seniors riding for free.  You can’t beat that!  Click here for more information.

You will certainly reduce your stress level by riding the bus.  Plus you can use the time on the bus to plan where you are going at the fair and, more importantly, what you are going to eat (5lb Gummy Bear or the Krispy Kreme burger?)!   If you have your Blackberry or IPhone,  here is the link to the Food and Ride finder you can view on the way.  Happy travels!

Don’t forget – the State Fair ends on Sunday, October 24th.  Be there or be square!

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