The Best Time to Sell

By Jessica Sadler

Clients and friends often ask about the best time to sell and, considering we are entering the busiest time of year in real estate, it seemed like a good time to discuss timing. There are many angles from which to consider this question but in this post I will look at the number of showings during each month of 2009. Although 2009 may have seen fewer houses sold, from my experience it does represent the showing trends for most years.

I’ve included a chart below of the number of showings in Durham for houses between $150,000-$400,000 by month. The period from March-June saw the most showings beginning with a significant increase of activity in February. December and November had the fewest showings by far and numbers were steady in January, February, and July-October.

Judging by the chart, I would advise that the ideal time to list a house is between the end of January and the beginning of April. Listing a home in October may result in fewer showings and possibly a lower price. However, the numbers make it clear that the Durham housing market continues to see some showings throughout the year and if your situation makes selling your home necessary, there will be buyers looking.

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