by Mary Hartzell

As the weather warms up and spring springs, kitten and puppy litters seem to appear out of thin air.  Pet overpopulation is a problem that we can all help to resolve by sterilizing the animals in our lives.  There are not enough homes for all the kittens and puppies out there and sterilization is the key to preventing these litters.  If you are looking for a spay/neuter service for your cat or dog but your vet is too expensive, the Spay/Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina (SNAP-NC) may be an option.  SNAP-NC is a low-cost, mobile spay and neuter service serving central North Carolina.

We had one of our cats spayed using their service and they were organized, professional and busy!  I made an appointment on a day when their mobile clinic would be in our area and I arrived at the specified time to drop off Gisele.  There were about other 10 other people dropping their animals off at the same time.  The SNAP-NC team had all the paperwork ready, performed a quick intake, and then called me a few hours later when Gisele was ready to be picked up.  They charge a small fee for their services and I was able to make a donation to their cause along with my payment.  Donations are used to subsidize spay/neuter services for pet owners and concerned citizens who otherwise cannot afford them.

The SNAP-NC website is full of good info on the services they provide, how it works and how you can help.  When you book an appointment for your own pet, why not pick up a stray from your neighborhood and take it with you, too?  Responsible pet ownership and stewardship is a collective effort.  Together we can “Prevent Another Litter”.

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We will have information about SNAP-NC on hand at our annual Saturday Swizzle: PETS! on May 16 9:30 am-12:30 pm in our space at 401C Foster Street. Hope to see you there!

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