Riding the Downtown Durham Range!

By Jessica Sadler

Bill wrote recently about Durham’s new downtown/Duke free bus: The Bull City Connector(http://www.bullcityconnector.org). The office decided to take our first collective ride this past Tuesday and enjoy a lunch out in place of our weekly meeting. Most of us had used it already on our own but it was nice to give it a ride together. Personally, I had taken the Connector from my house to Locopops (www.ilovelocopops.com) and my husband had used the service to attend an appointment at Duke. We have found it to be fast, simple, and clean.

The office all hopped on at Corcoran and Main and headed East. The bus stopped right by Golden Belt (http://www.goldenbeltarts.com/index.shtml) which should make getting to Third Friday (http://www.thirdfridaydurham.com/) even easier. We stayed on headed west and pulled the string to get off right in front of the Federal. In order to celebrate the weather we’ve been having we sat outside the Federal (http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-federal-durham)  and enjoyed fried oyster salads, burgers, and grilled cheese.

I hope you’ll give the connector a try this weekend- Durham is becoming less car dependent all the time.

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