Ready, Set, Dough!

Saturday morning Urban Durham Realty participated in the third annual Doughman Race.  Although we were all quite nervous about eating and biking, running, and/or swimming we all had a great time.

The two Urban Durham teams (the Chickens and the Eggs) dressed up in bright green tutus (even the men!) and the third team we sponsored, the “Forest Hillbellies” sported 70’s style tube socks, wristbands, and headbands.  The great costumes that most of the teams wore made the race even better (check out the pics)!

I love food and thoroughly enjoyed that we got to eat local fare although I do wish I didn’t have to shove it down my throat so quickly!  The first leg of the race, which I did, began with eating a local yogurt parfait (delicious!), biking through Durham, and ended with eating barbecue, fried chicken, and hushpuppies at Hog Heaven (yum!).  The parfait was made with original yogurt, granola, and big chunks of strawberries.  All delicious but not so fun when it makes your teeth hurt from the cold and gives you brain freeze!  Same goes for Hog Heaven – all delicious but not so good when you have to drench the hushpuppies in water to have them go down faster!

But, really, my favorite part of the race was getting to see the city on my bike and going on roads that I don’t usually ride my bike on.  (Really, I mainly ride my bike on the American Tobacco Trail or on small residential roads).  Since I sell houses for a living I know the streets in Durham very well but it was still great to get a different prospective from a bike instead of a car.  Plus, I enjoyed knowing that the rest of the riders were also seeing a part of Durham that they may not usually see.  To tell you the truth, the Doughman team did a great job of making the bike course throughout the city and taking you on routes that are not well traveled by most, i.e., not necessarily the quickest way from point A to point B.

Last but not least, the reason why Doughman is a great race is because this year alone they raised about $20,000 for SeeSaw Studios and DIG! (final tally will be done in about a week)

P.S. The Forest Hillbellies came in 13th place, the Chickens came in 44th place, and the Eggs came in 54th place out of 70 teams.  Not so bad but it can only get better from here!

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