Places to Send Your Clutter

by Steve Gardner


If you are getting your house ready to list in the Spring you are probably going to be spending the next couple of months decluttering. It’s one of the cheapest things you can do to make your house marketable. It is a lot of work, though. There’s always that urge to simplify the process by just throwing all of your unwanted items in the dumpster, but Durham is filled with many people who would love to have your discards and give you a tax receipt in exchange.

With that in mind, here is a short list of places that would love to have your unwanted items:

TROSA is a local organization that helps recovering substance abusers through treatment, vocational training and education. They have a thrift store in the old Wal-Mart on Roxboro Rd. It is gigantic and they accept clothingfurniturehousehold items and much more. You can even schedule them to come to your house with a truck and pick up items. TIP: If you are holding a garage sale, schedule them to come at the end and pick up everything that doesn’t sell and you don’t have to move it back into your garage.

Urban Ministries of Durham: Urban Ministries is located downtown and they provide foodclothing and shelter for our homeless population here in Durham. Your donations go directly to those in need. You should see the smiles when you walk in the door with a box of warm jackets!

Durham Rescue Mission: The Durham Rescue Mission helps support homeless and addicted men, women and children in the local area through your donations. They have three thrift stores in the Triangle that accept a large number of items including clothingfurniture and household items. In addition their homeless shelter accepts personal items such as clothingdeodorantfood and blankets.

Animal Protection Society of Durham:  The APS takes donations to help their homeless animal population. Needs include towels/blanketspetfood and cat litter. This is a great place to donate those towels that have holes in them or stains.

Kramden Institute: The Kramden Institute collects, refurbishes and awards computers to young students in need. They have a shop where they take old working computer parts and put refurb them into working computers. They are in need of your old computersperipherals and cords. You know that box you have in the garage with your old PC parts that you can’t even giveaway? Well, now you can give it away and help someone in need.

The Scrap Exchange: The Scrap Exchange in Durham is a non-profit creative, re-use centers. They take tons of stuff that aren’t a good fit for the places listed above (in addition to just about everything I listed above.) They accept donations of a lot of things that even the most conscientious person ends up trashing at the end of a long day of decluttering. These items include: bubble wrappacking materialsplastic partsold hosessmall pieces of woodold phonesbottle capscorksrubber bandsetc, etc, etc.

These are just a few ideas. If all else fails and you have something that literally nobody wants, remember to check to see if it is recyclable! Happy de-cluttering!


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