Nothing says home like Duke football tailgating

by Jarin Frederick

How do you know when you’ve landed in Duke prime football tailgate real estate?

Nowadays, Duke football tailgating real estate is not so different than Durham’s residential real estate market.  Lots of buyers with limited inventory! Just like any real estate investment it takes patience, research and planning to find the perfect tailgate spot.

I’ve spent more than half my life participating in Carolina Panther tailgates so when my family made the move to Durham five years ago from Charlotte it was a no brainer we would seek out new football tailgating experiences.  Although the majority of our expertise comes from NFL tailgating, we never underestimated the commitment and loyalty of the Division 1 NCAA schools tailgating abilities.

Regardless of the football game you’re tailgating for, some things never change.

There is something about a 100 square foot pop-up tent on asphalt that sounds like the perfect second Durham home to me this time of year. Okay maybe its my love of football or just having a good time but nothing speaks to me more than a tent surrounded by music going strong in “Krzyzewskiville”, glorious smells of charcoal in the distance, kids calling plays and throwing footballs, the Blue Devil Team and Band making their walk down Blue Devil Alley, outside the North Gate of Wallace Wade Stadium, and friends huddled around a tailgate tent in anticipation of the football game ahead of us.

If you’re looking for another reason to fall deeper in love with Durham then I encourage you to spend an afternoon with family and friends taking in a 2015 Duke Tailgate experience and, possibily, the football game!  Let me know if you’re looking for an agent to help you find the perfect asphalt…I may know just the right person.

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Photographer Betsy Euler.  Pictured L to R: Carter Johnson, Rowan Hughes, Lincoln Frederick, Grant Euler, Jackson Burch, Gray Gitter, Sam Bartlett and Ben Burch

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