Marketing Like an Ice Cream Sundae

By: Courtney James

I read a book recently by Seth Godin called Meatball Sundae.  The book is about how much marketing techniques have changed in the past few years, but that the corporations trying to use the new techniques have not changed.  The theory is that just like a meatball sundae, the two don’t seem to mix well together.  It’s astonishing how much technology, and social media specifically, have changed the way that companies can market themselves.  Quite frankly, it’s astonishing how it’s changed our daily reality in general.  Take a few minutes and check out this video on youtube:

After reading Meatball Sundae, I was thrilled to realize that I am not a meatball!  Urban Durham Realty was founded on the premise that we wanted to be different from the traditional real estate companies, and I think we are. Our website is not the typical real estate website, we’re located in the middle of downtown, we don’t have headshots on our business cards, we have progressive policies regarding dual agency (we don’t practice it), we require each agent to make a charitable donation with each transaction, and heck, we even use an orange ceramic chicken to help market our listings!  I am not going to tell you that we are better than all the other guys (because there are a lot of great real estate companies in the area), but we are definitely different and I think people appreciate that.  I also think that there are other companies that share our desire to jump out of the box.  Our friends at Go Realty in Cary have certainly caught on to the idea.  At Urban Durham Realty, we’re coming to the table with a lot less baggage and a lot more flexibility, both of which allow us to better utilize many of these new marketing techniques.

So, yes, I’m glad to say that we are not a meatball.  Maybe we’re more like a “Fro Yo”, and don’t sundae toppings sound so much better on top of that?  Yummm…makes me want to head over to Local Yogurt!

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