Mangum Flats: An Exciting New Residential Project In Downtown Durham!

By Mary Rae Hunter
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Urban Durham Realty is proud to be the listing agents for a great new residence in downtown Durham named Mangum Flats.  This project is being masterfully designed by Center Studio Architecture and developed by the talented White Oak Properties.  As the website so brilliantly states:  
“What makes a great residence or condo in downtown Durham?  Authentic, locally-sourced design. A great site on a boulevard that’s close enough to walk everywhere, but quiet enough to sleep at night.  Welcoming stoops and courtyards that engage the sidewalk.  Ample views and sight.  Innovative and thoughtful floor plans.  Outrageously generous storage, which is rare in a condo.  A diverse range of condo sizes and prices.  And the kind of ginormous windows that most developers would never agree to, unless the developer was also an architect.  :)”
The project consists of 14 flats, 3 studios and 5 townhouses.  We currently are taking reservations, however jump on quickly as the supply is moving quickly.  Contact an agent at Urban Durham Realty for more information, and view the website at
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