Lines, shapes and colored spaces

by Amanda Masten

We love Durham, and we love supporting Durham artists in our office. Our newest show is work by Roberta Wallace, titled “Lines, shapes and colored spaces.” Her art will be up in the office through the end of October.

Roberta is a self-taught artist who enjoys working with different media, from drawing to sewing to painting. She is a standing member of the Durham Art Guild, and contributed to the Durham Art Walk as well as Hillsborough Last Friday Art Walk.

“Lines, shapes and colored spaces” focuses on her current favorite mediums – ballpoint pen and watercolors. Examples of her work include “Face off of the office chairs” and “Whirrr.” Come stop by the office on your way to the Farmer’s market and check it out, and pick up a piece for you wall at home!

Roberta Wallace-Blog Photo #1

Roberta Wallace-Blog Photo #2

Roberta Wallace-Blog Photo #3

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