It is Springtime in the City!

By Bill Dandridge

I have spent the last four days removing grass from my yard, digging holes and planting endemic trees and  plants to beautify the land surrounding my house. This was done to create an ecosystem that is native and is able to survive and even thrive in our weather system of the Piedmont region of North Carolina, and will not require weekly watering, thus reducing the necessity of excess water, pesticides or herbicides that tax our resources and poison our water supply.

We also are creating an 8′ by 17′ garden in our backyard that will supply much of our culinary needs beginning in June and lasting until September. For those who are unable to spend this inordinate amount of time working in their dirt, I recommend joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, through which an urbanite is able to derive the same benefits as someone who lives on a farm.

For the remainder of the Spring, throughout the Summer, and into the Autumn, you will receive a tremendous amount of sumptuous garden fare through your CSA. By joining a CSA, you will be selectively supporting a local farmer in North Carolina and having farm-fresh food in your kitchen. By limiting your shopping to grocery store aisles, you are buying your fruit from Florida, Michigan, California, Italy, Japan, and the world over.

To learn more about your local CSA, visit the website for N.E.E.M., the Natural Environmental and Ecological Management (NEEM) or travel to their physical location at 2001 Chapel Hill Road.

I am sure that my next blog will relate to my garden…

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