Is Downsizing Right for You?

By:  Mary Rae Hunter

I recently read an article by Dena Kaye in the Architectural Digest.  Dena’s topic was the complexity of downsizing.  (With an “8,000-plus-square-foot dream house” on her hands, Dena is probably a safe bet for being an expert on the matter!) What motivated Dena to downsize followed on a five-month trip to Europe–with but one suitcase of possessions.  This caused her and her partner to re-think their lives’ priorities.  Comparing a suitcase, quick and light living in small quarters with the space and demands of a massive estate was a form of enlightenment.

Though emotionally difficult–there is an emotional attachment to the memories we have with “things”–they decided to redirect their resources “to traveling and living elsewhere.”  Living in current large quarters was not so much an excess as it was an obligation, an emotional ball and chain that prevented her and her partner from realizing other dreams.  Dena personally realized how much her life needed editing, and she focussed on eliminating many of her personal possessions and moving towards inhabiting a more quaint, comfortable space.

Dean’s insights and perspective came to mind when I attended a party this past Friday night.  A friend mentioned that were she to downsize, she thought a great location would be Weldon Downs.  In addition to Weldon Downs, Downtown Durham offers Minerva, Trinity Lofts, Burlington Warehouse, Parkside at Morris Ridge, and Mangum 506, to cite but a few more examples.  Many bungalows, downtown lofts, and condominiums are on the horizon for completion or are available now.

Perhaps it is this unique variety of living choices in the midst of our cultural diversity that partially explains why Durham recently was named the best place in the country to invest, and the best place in the country to retire–and might make for a perfect second or third “nest” for the likes of other Dena Kayes to consider!

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