– udder butters –

We try not to take ourselves too seriously at Urban Durham Realty – we’re a group that loves to have fun – so we take turns coming up with outings for the office. The rules? Keep it local. The event has a funny name – we can’t really explain it – but it’s a welcome chance for us all to hang out, cut loose, and explore Durham. Among other great Udder Butters, we’ve taken ballroom dancing, watched the Durham Bulls play, gotten our craft beer fix at Beer Durham, explored American Underground, survived a private group class at SYNCSTUDIO, and played board games at Fullsteam.


– Supporting Durham Events –

Our community is important to us. We’ve built our lives and our business around it, and that business is about far more than buying and selling houses: it is about supporting and strengthening that community. Urban Durham Realty was started to showcase and foster the city we love, and that’s what we aim to do every step of the way.

One way we do this is by sponsoring local events – both financially and through active involvement. You’ll see us out cutting watermelon each year at the Running of the Bulls finish line, hosting an event during the annual Meals From the Market fundraiser for Durham Central Park, serving as an official stop at Durham Art Council’s ArtWalk Spring and Holiday Markets, getting behind the Art of Cool Project, and more!


– Saturday Swizzle –

In keeping with our goal to bring attention to great people, organizations, and services in Durham, we created the Saturday Swizzle. Once quarterly, we bring people together in our downtown loft space to share some of the ideas and resources that make us love this city. Each Saturday Swizzle is centered loosely on a theme – anything from urban farming to home renovation. We bring in local experts, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs to hold workshops and demos, offer samples and helpful information. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s what we like to call our “open house of coolness.”


– Where In The WOrld –

We love it when Urban Durham Realty travels far and wide, and we challenge our clients and friends to send in photos of themselves with their Urban Durham Realty swag to add to our “Where in the World” online gallery. Clients have sent us pictures hiking the Swiss Alps, deep sea fishing, on canoe trips, Brazilian beaches, and even just in the stands at a Durham Bulls ball game.

Whether abroad or local, send us your photos with your tshirts/hats/tumblers/bags/tattoos and you can have a spot in our online hall of fame. Be good to your Urban Durham Realty swag and don’t keep it locked up at home – it needs to get out and see the world!


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