How Does Providing Books to Children Increase the Value of Real Estate

By:  Mary Rae Hunter

As a former kindergarten, reading and remediation teacher in the local public schools, I was very happy to see that our local school system has decided to launch a new initiative designed to place new or gently used books in the hands of elementary students throughout the Durham Public School District.  It is well documented that, when children are out for summer vacation, they often lose a great deal of what they have learned over the previous year.  By simply reading four or more books over the summer, children significantly increase what they lose for learning during school break.

So, how can reading help the value of real estate?  We know from experience that parents will move to different parts of the community to have their most precious possession, their children, attend schools where the test scores are the highest, or where the students are challenged and taught by excellent teachers.  It is in these desirable communities that schools gain parent support.  That parent support often translates to students showing respect to the administration, teachers and their peers.  When schools perform at a “high” academic level, the community receives the benefit of having families want to move into that particular school district boundary.  When that happens, the real estate value in the desirable boundary appreciates.  Our family, for instance, made two moves that were totally determined by school district boundaries.  One was for my daughter to attend middle school.  The second was for her to attend the high school where she felt she could perform at the top academic level.

Durham Public Schools have a praiseworthy initiative this year:  Place books into the hands of the Durham Public School elementary students for them to enjoy at home.  By giving children the chance to have books and to read them over the summer, we give the children the opportunity to grow personally, academically, and culturally.  By giving books to a child, no matter where he or she lives in Durham City or County, it promises to make a positive difference in their life.  This will contribute to a fuller learning and cultural experience when they return to school.  How?  Well as a former teacher, I know how much more teachers are able to teach children when every child comes to school eager to learn.  As studies show, reading during school breaks can help tremendously.

How can you and I help?  Well, we can start helping the children in Durham by donating new or gently used books.  The Durham Public Schools are accepting books at any high school media center, the DPS Staff Development Center on Hillandale Road and the Fuller Building on Cleveland Street.  We can also check out the BookMark program on the Durham Public School Website. bookmark

Before the children go on their summer break, they will get the thrill of choosing books they want to take home and read.

Durham Public Schools will not accept magazines, textbooks, activity books or books printed before 1990.  Gently used books should be free of writing and rips.

Help Children Learn to Read – Help Your Real Estate Values Increase!

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