House Hunting Like a Blind Date

By: Susan Herst

Megan Daum’s memoir, Life Would be Perfect if I Lived in That House describes with uncanny accuracy folks who are obsessed with houses and who find the house hunting process terribly romantic!  It is no big surprise since she grew up with a mother obsessed with houses; their main weekend activity when she was a kid was going to open houses!

Daum has an interesting attitude about moving too.  For her, moving was like “pressing a reset button” when she was growing up.  She could go to another school and start over if she wasn’t doing well in a subject.  She found it liberating.  Nowadays, even if she is not actually looking for a house, she finds it incredibly relaxing to look at pictures of houses!

And yes, she still loves open houses, and the notion of being first.  She finds the house hunt like looking for a romantic partner, or going on a blind date!  “Will this be the one?!”    The best real estate professionals are the ones who can be counselor, psychologist and accountant wrapped up in one according to Daum.  They understand the heart of their clients so they can best guide them.

with gratitude to Wendy Cole, Realtor Magazine, June 2010

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