HGTV House Hunters comes to Durham!

By: Courtney James

Well I had my 15 minutes of fame and I didn’t even know it!  As many of you may know, I had the fortunate experience of filming an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters this past January.  Much to my dismay, the episode aired earlier this month (May 13th) without my knowing it!  I was told we would get some advance notice, but I guess in the fast-paced Hollywood life, advance notice is a luxury.  Since the airing, I have bumped into a number of people that did happen to catch the episode.  Most said that they were channel surfing when they saw it, but I think they’re just embarrassed to say that they’re addicted to the show!  My clients, Sanjay and Jodi, even got recognized in Nosh the day after it aired!  Anyway, the experience was an enlightening one, and one that I imagine I will not repeat.  There were several things that came as a surprise to me, some of which were:

(1) How many hours of film they capture for a 20 minute episode (about 200)

(2) How hard it is not to look into a camera that is pointed directly at your face

(3) How many black, grey, brown, and white colored clothes I have (we were told to avoid wearing these colors and instead wear jewel tones)

(4) How little I knew about make-up application – and how expensive it is!

(5) How exhausting it is to be a movie star

Much of this I say in jest, but I am sincerely thankful for having had this experience.   I am thrilled that Durham has gotten a bit more national press.  I am ecstatic that my clients found a really great house.  And I am hopeful that it will air again as I have some very sad family members that want to see it.  I have not seen it pop up on Hulu, and have not seen HGTV post new air times, but here is the link if you’re interested:

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