Happy Trails to You

By: Page Page

I recently received an email from my homeowners association list-serve about the new Durham Bike & Hike map.  What a great resource for the citizens of Durham!  If you like to get out there on your feet or bike, this is the map for you.

For those who like to run or take a leisurely stroll, the map gives you multiple options through the greenways, multi-use trails and hiking/walking paths throughout the county.  Many of these are located in the downtown area!

If you like to hit the roads on your bike, the map provides great route options for every level of cyclist.   For those preferring a leisurely ride away from traffic, you can use the many multi-use paths throughout the city.  For the more adventurous riders, the map highlights road traffic levels as well as the road accommodations for the riders.

In addition to all route information, the map provides a listing of restaurants and arts/cultural sites in downtown Durham.

The map can be viewed on-line at:


Additionally, copies of the maps can be picked up at the following locations:

-Durham City Hall in the Transportation Department (fourth floor)

-Durham bicycle shops (REI, the Bicycle Chain, Durham Bike Co-op)

Happy riding, running, walking and hiking!

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