From Our Home to Yours

By: Susan Herst

What better way to start or end your day than sitting down at a cozy table in a friend’s home and catching up over a cup of tea? At Urban Durham Realty we are proud of our downtown home and invite you to stop in to get to know us and the Durham real estate market over a cup of tea.

Location. I guess we’ve all heard the old cliché location, location, location used to describe the most important thing about a new home. We are pretty fortunate in this respect. Our home is in the middle of the flourishing scene that is Downtown Durham. We are a stone’s throw from the Farmer’s Market, Central Park and artists’ studios galore. We are a short walk to everything and our “kitchen” is the Piedmont: one of Durham’s friendliest and tastiest restaurants. The people in our neighborhood are an eclectic blend of business, artist, student and more. Folks walk by constantly and our door is always open.

Furnishings. We decorated with functional, all white Ikea furniture and had our handy husbands help with assembly. We have a spacious reception area with great views and comfortable seating. Our oversized Mac monitor displays a slide show of great Durham homes. We have high ceilings, exposed beams and a fun area for kids to play while we chat. Our conference room doubles as a living room for entertaining guests and local artwork adorns the walls.

Family. We are 8 professional women. Meet us. Our newest additions are Mary Rae Hunter and Luci Pestana. Together we have lived in 25 houses with our families, have 20 children, one grandchild, and 9 dogs, cats and chickens. We have lived in Durham for a total of 69 “women years.” We love to talk about the real estate market and current opportunities for upgrading, downsizing, going urban with a loft or going country on the Eno River. As a business we are a small family and share what we are doing for clients so someone is always here to help you.

What all this means to you. We like to think of our new home as the perfect place to begin a relationship built on helping you with yours. We are patient, understanding, experienced, nurturing and have an eye for detail. We really like to get to know our clients and build long term relationships.  The ideal profile of an Urban Durham Realty client is a friend who needs professional support in the real estate market. If that is you, a family member or friend, or even if not, please stop by our new home and let’s have a cup of tea.

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