Estate Sales are an Option for Decluttering


by Jarin Frederick

Have you ever wanted to declutter your home and can’t figure out the best way to tackle the daunting task?  A great option to consider is scheduling an appointment with a specialist in Estate Sales.  The Estate Sales experts provide all the resources needed to conduct a sale; there is no need for homeowners to do anything once they have signed a contract.  The valuable property is identified, researched and assigned prices.  Every item is inventoried and then carefully arranged and staged in your home.  After the sale, the company arranges for the donation of unwanted items.  All debris and trash is removed, including the contents of the attic and basement if wanted.  Then the company provides a final report with a complete inventory of every item sold, donated or retained.

My clients recently went through this process and will be hosting an Estate Sale this Saturday, September 17th.  If you are interested in checking out their Estate Sale or speaking with Steve Minor, the professional handling their Estate Sale, then click on the attached website.

Steve Minor Estate Sales

Raleigh, NC 27605

(919) 622-4184

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