Durham Wayfinder Program

by Pete Eisenmann

The numbers from 2014 are mind-boggling – visitors spent $830.8 million dollars in Durham, which translates into almost $2.3 million dollars a day. Not only is that a stack of bills it also is a large group of people who come to the Bull City for any number of fantastic events and experiences.

Intertwined with these events and experiences are a group of volunteers whose job it is to make those visitors feel welcome, provide directions, information on places to eat, hotels, shopping, points of interest, and amenities. In short, their job is to ensure that event attendees, resident and visitor alike, have a great first impression of Durham.

The Durham Wayfinder program was started in 2008, coinciding with the opening of DPAC, to offer guest services to the DPAC events. Since that time it has grown to include over 40+ events, festivals, sports competitions, and cultural experiences with over 3,200 Wayfinder volunteers trained by the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In addition to the events and festivals, these volunteers also staff convention information desks as well as the Durham Visitors Info Center (their new location at 212 W. Main Street is beautiful).

Some of the main venues that benefit from the program are Duke University Performing Arts, DPAC, and The Carolina Theatre.

Wayfinder volunteers can obtain benefits from their service. Some of these benefits include free event parking, seeing shows that you usher, discount coupons to events, free tickets to selected events, credits at some venues for snacks, and other rewards.

However, the best benefit may just be that you get to let visitors know just how amazing, diverse, and fun Durham is, as well as providing them with a great first impression of this city which we love.

Full disclosure – I just attended my Wayfinder orientation at the Durham Visitors Info Center and am excited to get started.

If you want more information on the Durham Wayfinder Program please click the link and enjoy:


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