Durham-Onward and Upward!

by Kelly Garcia

As Durham continues to grow and develop we at Urban Durham have had many discussions about what this looks like for our community as a whole. There are many advantages such as greater income for the city, more entertainment, shop and restaurant choices and more people choosing Durham as a vacation spot. We also know there are some growing pains that come with this; housing affordability, parking difficulties, and construction detours are a few that come to mind.With so many people moving into Durham there are definitely more buyers than sellers in the market. (If you are searching you have definitely noticed this!) We firmly believe that downtown wouldn’t be downtown without growth and innovation. Many of our agents participate on local community boards and take time to volunteer throughout the city. Every transaction we have we donate to a charity of our clients choice. We do the most we can for Durham to continue it to be a place that we are more than proud to call home.

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