Durham ‘Hoods are Now Cyber-Connected

Posted by Ashley St. Clair

On February 12, Duke Park denizen Philip Bost launched his new site Durham Hoods (durhamhoods.com). A massive philanthropic effort and collaborative project with fellow Bull City residents, Durham Hoods features a map of every Durham neighborhood & HOA Bost could list, as well as links to relevant neighborhood association information for the identified ‘hoods.

The idea behind the project is to provide a central resource to connect neighborhoods through their listservs, a place where those email lists can be easily accessed and shared. Bost says that listservs are not only effective platforms for “enhancing the best aspects of Durham life,” but are also critical tools in addressing community safety. Each color-coded area on the map delineates which Partners Against Crime district a neighborhood falls within. Though fully operational, the site is a work in progress and includes a blog and contact information where you can offer feedback and help refine neighborhood borders.

Read more about Durhamhoods.com at the Bull City Rising blog and at The Durham News.

Kudos to Bost and all of his Durham-loving collaborators!

Durhamhoods.com Google map mashup
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