DPS Magnet Lottery Application

by Jarin Frederick

If you’re a Durham County Resident and interested in your student attending a DPS magnet school for the 2016-2017 school year then now is the time to submit your students online lottery application. Online applications are being accepted January 11th through January 29th at www.dpsnc.net.  Parents/legal guardians/custodians will need an email address and their student’s PowerSchool ID Number to submit an online application. PowerSchool ID Numbers are located on a student’s report card, progress report or may be obtained at the student’s base school.  The lottery gives students an opportunity to select up to 3 of the 23 DPS magnet schools/programs including any combination of a calendar magnet, program magnet or CTE Pathway if applicable.  The selections must be ranked by the applicant and will be assigned in order of ranking.  You will receive an online confirmation once your application has been received.  Lottery notification results will be posted on the “dashboard” of your www.dpsnc.net online application page Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and must be accepted/declined by March 18th.

Provided below is a DPS Magnet Applications and Lottery Information link and contact number to help answer questions about the online lottery process:

Best of luck to your student(s) being selected for one of the limited DPS Magnet School openings!

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