Don’t Miss the Art of Cool Fest

by Lou Perron

The Art of the Cool Festival is this weekend. It was a terrific event last year. An array of fantastic performers played at different locations downtown. You could float from one to the other to hear notes from traditional jazz virtuosos to cutting edge sound masters. It will change your mind about what you think “jazz” is.
You might hop a bus to go to the Hayti and have a stimulating conversation with someone from out of town who wants to know all about Durham. You might stroll over to Motorco and run into someone you haven’t seen for years. This is an event that shows what a friendly place Durham is.

The Festival opens with some free events on Friday, to wet your appetite. But buy a pass and stroll around Durham for the evening. You’ll get to join others to hear great music.This event celebrates the best of downtown Durham. Come on out and leave your preconceptions behind.

For details, check out their website here.

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