Clean Transportation, Bull City style

By Bill Dandridge

On December 14, 2009 the City of Durham introduced the first of its fleet of 20 new hybrid diesel-electric buses on the Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA) routes. These buses use 20 to 45 percent less fuel and are up to 50 percent quieter than conventional diesel buses. This is great news for the air and sound quality of Durham’s environment!

It is only through a big assist from the federal government’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that our city was able to effect this wonderful change (the Federal Transit Authority covered $8.5 million of the total $10.7 million cost). Thanks to the vision of our local and federal government, we will all be breathing easier in the Bull City.

Another beneficial step for the citizens of Durham, and for those fortunate enough to work here, is the birth of the Bull City Connector. This is a fare-free bus service that connects business travelers, downtown walkers, visitors, and students through our city. This route begins at the Medical Center of Duke’s West Campus, travels through downtown along Main Street, and finds its terminus in the Golden Belt. To learn more about these particular Hybrid buses and the new service, visit the Bull City Connector’s website.

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