Bee Busters

by Susan Herst

Have you ever heard of someone sitting in their living and honey lands on their head?

Every now and then, honey bees will decide to build their hive inside an opening of an exterior wall in a house. This is the case in a recent house we are listing. The hive and owners of the house have co-existed for 70 years. The bees built their hive between the 1940’s wood siding as it meets the chimney and the wood lathing to which the plaster walls are attached, running horizontally behind the chimney. If you put your ear against the plaster bedroom wall you can hear the bees in the hive behind the wall. (I heard one homeowner in Durham put up a plexi glass interior wall, left the hive and watches the bees behind the clear glass. Bees like the their hive temperature to be 90-95 degrees so the temperature of the hive wall is higher relative to the other walls.

With some help from bee experts we found The Durham Bee Keepers Assoc.; they were very helpful!

Matthew Yearout

Donna Devanney

Matthew and Donna came out to take a look and got very excited about this 70-yr old feral colony of bees. They said this was the largest hive they will have the opportunity to relocate. With the recent pressures on the honey bee population, we want to make sure the bees are safely relocated. With thousands of bees getting ready to hatch in this hive, we decided to provide a credit for relocating the hive in the fall when the population is much less active.

Here is a photo before the relocation.

Enjoy and call Matt and Donna if honey drips on your head!

Bee Busters #1

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