Another Great Feature Story for Durham

by Mary Rae Hunter

t seems as though once or twice a week, I am presented with a great article about Durham and why it is such a wonderful place to live.  Recently, I was given an article that was in Garden and Gun written by Bronwen Dickey who discussed the reasons why Durham is so special.  Bronwen arrived at Duke University in the 1990’s and then left the Bull City to make his way in New York.  While in New York he realized the following: 
I had no sooner put North Carolina in the rearview mirror than I started keeping a tab of what I missed: Walking along the Eno River on fall days, and stretching out with a book in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens during the spring. Winding through sidewalk neighborhoods filled with mill houses, and watching indie films from the balcony of the old Carolina Theatre. Cheering for friends in the North Carolina Pride Parade. I especially missed the small comforts of familiar faces, like the staff at Elmo’s Diner, all of whom have known my name and order since 1999. But the most disheartening aspect of being a New Yorker was that the crushing expense of living there often kept me from attending the very plays, concerts, and art exhibitions that had inspired me to move in the first place”    If you want to read the full article, you will find it located at:
For me, living in Durham is an exhilarating place to reside.  If you have a chance, take a ride downtown and look at the incredible skyline that is forming.  The energy of the city is unstoppable and the excitement is contagious.  Who would not want to return to live in Durham after leaving for the big city of New York? 
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