Kelley Keats

Erstwhile Broadway Baby // Movie Buff and Netflix Binge-Watcher // Avid Board Gamer //Pizza Aficionado

Kelley comes to Durham after a childhood spent in SC followed by 10 years in NYC working as an actress/singer/dancer (yep, even on Broadway!). During her performing years, she visited all 50 states (and Canada) before she and her husband, Dave, headed back south for good. She’s lived in Apex and Cary but couldn’t resist the call of Durham. When not working, Kelley spends her time with her husband and two daughters, walking her dog Ruby, and soaking up all the culture the Bull City has to offer.

Kelley’s Durham: DPAC, the Streets at Southpoint, at the movies, and everywhere great pizza is found!

Phone and Text: 919-793-5110

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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